New U-value calculator app for android devices

Wallnuts has been developed by Conker Conservation Ltd, Chartered Building Surveyors, in collaboration with programmer Kingsley Bickle, to provide a quick but comprehensive U-value calculation for use on site or during preliminary design.


The app contains a wide selection of eco materials such as wool, hemp, cork, earth and chalk, for the discerning green designer.  Each material is listed with its associated k value and Conker’s eco rating from A to E.  The user has the ability to create new materials or inhomogeneous layers and add them to their personal database.


The user can include for 3 levels of gaps to allow for poor workmanship, and change any of the surface resistance (Rse or Rsi) values, although default values in accordance with BRE report BR443 are provided. The app guides the user through the creating of these layers, where the percentage of each is input.  There can be multiple materials in each layer.


Projects can be saved, edited and emailed via PDF attachments. The printed PDF lists the project name, project type, date and time of creation, each of the material layers, thickness, k-value, R-value and final U-value.


Walnuts is available online at for £4.99.  Any feedback from users is welcomed and updates will be offered free of charge.  The iPhone version will be released later.    01227 786900

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