Unlock additional commercial space and value with Kingspan RVoS Calculator

Unlock additional commercial space and value with Kingspan RVoS Calculator

Kingspan Insulation has launched a free online calculator and app to make it easier than ever to estimate the additional space and value you can add to a commercial property by using Kingspan’s thinner, more thermally efficient wall insulation solutions.


The RVoS calculator can be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple App stores or accessed at: http://realvalueofspace.co.uk/. Users can choose from five common external wall constructions, each comparing Kingspan Kooltherm solutions with lower performing alternatives. By setting a few additional project parameters, including floor area, rental price and yield value, you can receive a clear estimate of the additional floor space that can be recovered by using a Kingspan Kooltherm solution, and the added rental income and capitalised value this can provide.


The calculator has been developed based on independent research from Currie & Brown, commissioned by Kingspan Insulation. The research considered a database of 7,290 buildings of different types from across the country and ten real case study buildings, looking at how the use of different external wall insulation specifications impacted the useable floor space and value of the properties.


The findings showed that whilst the use of Kingspan Kooltherm wall insulation solutions raised initial material costs, the additional floor space recovered through its use resulted in a positive return on investment (ROI) on this cost for 92% of the database buildings. Furthermore, 40% of the buildings achieved an ROI of between 300% and 1000%, whilst 18% showed an ROI greater than 1000%.


Kingspan are running a series of free regional seminars exploring the research and further issues surrounding energy efficiency in commercial and private domestic developments. To sign up for a seminar or to view the full RVoS research visit: kingspaninsulation.co.uk/realvalueofspace



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