UK solar company shortlisted for global award

Solar PVS on farm building

A UK based integrator and distributor of solar components, Proinso, has been shortlisted in the The Solar Industry Awards.


Established in 2009, the Solar Industry Awards recognise innovative manufacturing and product approaches that have the potential to change the way society lives and moves about.


Proinso, the only UK company to feature on the shortlist, has been nominated alongside four other organisations in the Rural Electrification Award category for Project Helios. Proinso  and The Oxis Solar Centre for Autonomous Research  (OSCAR) launched Project Helios as a launch-pad for cost-effective and safe solar energy storage across the world. OSCAR is a specially built demonstration centre that  houses Oxis’ entire solar storage technology.


The Project Helios demonstration comprises a 3.8 kWp solar Photovoltaic (PV) power generation system with Proinso  integrated solution and 3 kWh OXIS Lithium Sulfur battery. The mains output is used to power both the charger for the driverless vehicle, the Meridian Navya and the Oxis Lithium Sulfur battery storing the unused excess energy generated during daylight for use after dark.


The 'Meridian Navya' driverless vehicle being demonstrated in Oxford.
The ‘Meridian Navya’ driverless vehicle being demonstrated in Oxford.


The system can easily be configured for grid connected operation where the battery is used to increase self-consumption.


Stuart MacFarlane, Head of ‘Off-Grid Solutions’ at Proinso, said, “We have worked hard in meeting this global necessity for safe and cost-effective distributed generation. The financial and technological hurdles for rural electrification are real but this is evidence that we are making strides. Still a lot to do but we are on the right track in playing an important role in this global challenge.”


The Solar Industry Awards will be held in Hamburg on Tuesday 15th September 2015.


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