UK ‘green’ policies will accelerate global deforestation

UK ‘green' policies will accelerate global deforestation


Hosted by Norbord, leader in panel products, the website explains the woody biomass/timber supply argument which has seen UK wood-using industries confront government.


Whether the visitor is familiar with the issues or not, the information is easy to digest. Included in the colourful, emotive site are links to further reading and reports which add depth to the reader’s understanding.


Use Wood Wisely tackles environmental issues affecting the UK and the wider world, debating the pressing need for sustainable and renewable energy sources.


One recent example is where woody biomass energy has emerged as a new threat to Southern US forests. Despite the fact that deforestation is the third largest cause of carbon pollution, just behind cars and power plants, European policy has encouraged the uptake of woody biomass from around the globe including the burning of Southern US forests for electricity to meet their intended ‘clean energy’ targets.


Norbord argues that all wood must be used sensibly and that a cascade of use should be adhered to. At the end of its first life, wood or a wood-based product should always be re-used or re-cycled to gain the greatest benefits from a longer period of carbon storage; only at the very end of its useful life should it be burnt as a source of energy. Burning wood of any sort should be absolutely the last usage – if the only alternative option is landfill – because burning releases locked up CO2 earlier than is necessary and is an incredibly wasteful use of a precious resource.


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