Top BRE ‘Green Guide’ rating for Rockpanel Products

ROCKPANEL®Products Awarded Top BRE Green Guide Rating

Rockpanel Group has once again displayed its commitment to sustainability as all 16 certified construction elements with Durable and Durable ProtectPlus façade boards received best-in-class Green Guide Ratings of A+.


The ratings were awarded by BRE Global following a rigorous life cycle assessment process which considered environmental impacts across 13 different categories, from the initial extraction of raw materials to disposal at end of life. As a result, the products can positively contribute towards several design based building assessments including BREEAM.


John Relou, Technical Marketing Manager from Rockpanel Group, explained how the new ratings were achieved:“When we received the results for our first Environmental Profiles, we also established a sustainability strategy based on the principal of continuous improvement.The new Green Guide ratings prove the success of this strategic process. We used the original certifications to identify areas for improvement, such as material efficiency and energy consumption, and worked on them. As a result, we also switched our factory electricity source from standard mix to green electricity.


These improved ratings allow specifiers to achieve maximum credits within the materials section of the BREEAM assessment. And the work doesn’t stop here. We are already implementing improvements which should contribute to an even better result in the next recertification.”


Rockpanel FS-Xtra boards were also evaluated within two constructions, receiving an excellent score of A. The extra fire-safe boards offer outstanding reaction to fire performance, and when fitted on aluminium or steel supporting structures with blind rivets, have a Euroclass rating of A2-s1, d0.


Rockpanel boards are available in a wide range of designs to suit virtually any application including natural Woods, sparkling Brilliant, and stylish Metallics. This provides specifiers with outstanding choice and design freedom.


The boards are manufactured from readily available basalt, a rock that has inexhaustible reserves. Up to fifty percent of the raw material from which Rockpanel Group manufactures its products consists of recycled materials, whilst its highly efficient manufacturing process allows more than 400m² of boards to be produced from 1m3 of basalt. Rockpanel Group is committed to a process of continuous improvement on sustainability and was the first cladding manufacturer to receive certification from the BRE complying with EN 15804.



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