PassivHaus erected in just 8 hours – video

Cumbria Passivehaus

Andrew Yeats from Eco Arc Passive House Architects has assisted Eden Insulation in making a short video which illustrates how the project team erected the structural timber frame of the 4 bedroom Kendal Passive House in one 8 hour day.   This included putting up all the 300mm deep I beam

Earthship Brighton: crowdfunding appeal

Earthship Brighton Bottle Wall by Jo D'Ambra

Yes there are Earthships right here in the UK and this one in Brighton is open to the public so you can go and visit!   The Low Carbon Trust is launching a crowdfunding campaign to upgrade vital energy and water systems for its award winning Earthship Brighton environmental education centre. The

Zero energy classroom opens to plaudits

Net zero energy classroom

On Friday 2nd October, Yanwath Primary School will officially unveil their brand-new ultra-energy-efficient, eco-classroom. This net zero energy building will have a minus EPC Rating, as the building will generate more energy than it consumes mostly thanks to its solar PV roof.   Its construction used modern materials and techniques, and this

Disappointment with ‘Fixing the Foundations’

Last month the treasury announced the scrapping of the zero carbon building standards. The statement was presented within detailed documents, published as part of George Osborne's economic productivity drive called, ‘Fixing the Foundations.'   The plans have been received with a wave of disappointment from across the industry. Businesses throughout the UK

‘Zero Carbon Britain’ gets flushed away!

Seemingly in an effort to throw out just about every 'low carbon' strategy that the last Labour government (1997-2010) had strived to achieve, the present Conservative government has now chosen to flush the UK's zero carbon aspirations away, even though the Coalition Government in 2010 (Conservative and Liberal Democrats) confirmed