EU ends tariffs on imported Chinese solar panels

EU ends tariffs on imported Chinese solar panels

Following the European Commission’s decision (August 2018) to lift trade tariffs on the import of solar panels from China, Europe’s energy experts have described the block’s decision to end the trade war with Beijing as a ‘watershed moment for European solar energy.’   In 2013 the EC imposed tariffs of up

MBE for one of Britain’s greenest architects

The WISE building at CAT

Staff at the Centre for Alternative Technology are celebrating that one of the architects behind its award winning building, The Wales Institute for Sustainable Education (WISE) has been awarded an MBE in this year’s New Year Honours list.   Pat Borer has been closely involved with the Centre for Alternative Technology for

Should energy efficiency tax breaks only target the needy?

A  ruling passed down by the Court of Justice of the European Union (EJC) said  'The United Kingdom cannot apply a reduced rate of VAT on the supply of energy-saving materials, since that rate (5%) is reserved solely for social housing'.  the UK applied a reduced 5% rate of VAT to

Large parks are essential for happy cities

Cities should feature 'compact' development alongside large, contiguous green spaces to maximise benefits of urban ecosystems to humans, according to new research led by the University of Exeter.   More than half the world’s population now lives in cities. As numbers continue to swell, decision-makers across the globe grapple with how best

Disappointment with ‘Fixing the Foundations’

Last month the treasury announced the scrapping of the zero carbon building standards. The statement was presented within detailed documents, published as part of George Osborne's economic productivity drive called, ‘Fixing the Foundations.'   The plans have been received with a wave of disappointment from across the industry. Businesses throughout the UK