Collaboration produces fine terrazzo outdoor furniture

A chance visit to the Diespeker & Co factory by Scott Maddux of Maddux Creative resulted in a new purpose for waste material from processes used in the creation of marble flooring, cladding and worktops. Scott saw the potential of the leftover marble as a material for an unusual design

Krzywy Domek – The strangest building in the world!

When the Village of Joy portal published the list of the 50 strangest buildings of the world, the first place was awarded to the unique, unusual, full of magic 'Krzywy Domek' in Sopot, Poland with its fabulous architecture inspired by drawings by Jan Szancer. The Krzywy Domek defeated such world-wide buildings

Art in Downtown Qingdao

Urban murals of trendy fashion have caught people's eyes in downtown Qingdao in eastern China's Shandong province. These colorful wall paintings adorn the sides of apartment buildings along the Taidong commercial street in the coastal city known for its beaches, beer and seafood. The paintings were created in 2004, and were