A+ Green Guide rating for Sika ComfortFloor®

Sika Comfortfloor

Sika ComfortFloor® systems, Sikafloor® PS23 and PS24, have become the first resin flooring systems to achieve a manufacturer-specific BRE Green Guide Ratings – attaining an A+ the highest rating available.


The BRE Green Guide to Specification enables users to quickly determine the environmental performance of a wide range of typical UK construction specifications. With a simplified A+ to E ranking system that’s based on Life Cycle Assessment data, the BRE Green Guide enables specifiers and designers to consider comparable systems or materials that will collectively reduce the environmental impact of their buildings.


As part of a comprehensive evaluation process, a BRE representative visited Sika’s two manufacturing sites in Deventer, Netherlands and Stuttgart, Germany to verify the information provided by Sika. After completing detailed assessments and data analysis, the BRE attributed Sika ComfortFloor with the highest possible Green Guide rating – a first for the resin flooring industry.


Dr. Sarah Peake, Product Sustainability Manager, said: “Environmental responsibility is a key consideration for Sika. As such we strongly believe in the holistic approach to sustainability and therefore encourage the use of a full system approach rather than stand-alone assessments of individual products. As the first resin flooring system to achieve an A+ rating this marks an important development for Sika and the resin flooring industry.”


As well as summarising the environmental performance of products, Green Guide ratings can be used to gain points in the Materials section of the BRE’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM), which sets the standard for sustainable building design, construction and operation.


“Well done to SIKA for achieving the highest green guide rating with Comfortfloor,” commented Victoria Blake, Associate Director, Sustainable Products, BRE. “Every positive action taken by a manufacturer to reduce the adverse environmental impact of their product drives the market forward, giving specifiers ethical choices and bringing the reality of an environmentally friendly construction sector closer.”


Dedicated to sustainable development, Sika remains committed to pioneering sustainable solutions and achieving this with the lowest impact on resources. As more and more designers and specifiers are demanding flooring with the highest Green Guide ratings, the A+ rating for Sika ComfortFloor will help design teams achieve the highest BREEAM score possible for all project types, minimising the environmental impact of any building.




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