Price and performance make Domus ventilation MVHR system the choice for London affordable homes development

Price and performance make Domus ventilation MVHR system the choice for London affordable homes development

Domus Ventilation’s HRXE Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems are being installed in to the new Abbey Wharf residential development in Alperton, London.


Located in the London Borough of Brent on a former disused industrial site overlooking a canal, Abbey Wharf will feature 111 shared ownership homes, 24 homes for affordable rent and two commercial units. It is a Clarion Housing Group development, in partnership with Inland Homes.


To provide the new homes with adequate ventilation and to achieve BREEAM status, which identifies the development as being a more sustainable environment that enhances the well-being of the people who live there, Domus Ventilation HRXE MVHR systems with Domus ducting are being installed by Grant Walker Engineering in every apartment. Steve Goodall, Project Manager at Grant Walker Engineering, cites the systems’ competitive pricing and performance as the key deciding factors in system choice.


Designed specifically for small to medium size residential properties, the HRXE MVHR systems combine supply and extract ventilation in one system. They efficiently recover up to 90% of the heat typically lost in waste, stale air and use it to temper the fresh air drawn into the apartment via an advanced heat exchanger. The filtered, pre-warmed air is distributed to areas of the home such as living rooms and bedrooms, effectively meeting part of the heating load in energy efficient dwellings. The systems themselves use very little energy due to their efficient design, including a very low Specific Fan Power (SFP) down to just 0.57W/(l/s).


The new HRXE range is not only efficient, but also exceptionally quiet, with background (normal) ventilation at 24dB(A) – typically whisper quiet.


There are several models within the HRXE range, with a top of the range unit which comes with integral humidity sensor, being installed at Abbey Wharf. By accurately measuring air humidity, the HRXE’s extract speed automatically changes from background to boost as the level of humidity increases, thereby providing optimal ventilation performance.


The units themselves are being installed into utility cupboards within the apartments at Abbey Wharf, wall mounted. All controls and filters are easily accessed via a front panel for easy commissioning post installation and for regular filter maintenance which is performed by the resident.


To ensure maximum systems performance, Domus rigid rectangular ducting is being used with the HXRE units. Domus duct systems offer improved system performance through the exacting tolerances and engineered fit of the system, whereby pressure drops are minimised and air leakage virtually eliminated.


For further information on the Domus Ventilation HRXE range of MVHR appliances, please go to or call on 03443 715523 or email:



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