New wood boiler combines logs and pellets

Boiler specialist, Windhager has just launched ‘DuoWIN’ which is a combination biomass boiler which combines heating with wood and pellets all in one unit.


This sophisticated biomass boiler system allows users to either use logs or wood pellets and its intelligent fuel switching detects when the wood gassifier has completed it’s burn and, if necessary, switches to pellet operation, either automatically or at a set time.


The DuoWIN system is based on two of Windhager’s proven biomass boilers, the compact log boiler LogWIN Klassik and the recently launched compact BioWIN 2 wood pellet boiler, and thus takes up only 4.19m² of space.


The new DuoWIN is available as either a comfort or energy optimised variant.  The PowerBoost function can meet short-term higher heat demands up to 56kW.  With the energy optimised version, the DuoWIN’s pellet operation is up to 25% more efficient than conventional combination boilers.


Available in four models from 33kW – 56kW output, the DuoWIN has a filling volume of 145 litres for 50cm split logs and 164 litres of wood pellets, the feed for which can be either manual or fully automatic. Within DuoWIN there are two independent heat exchanger systems which ensure maximum reliability yet with a smaller space requirement of other combination solutions. Both the wood combustion chamber and the stainless steel pellet burner bowl are not ‘sacrificial’ parts and are therefore included in Windhager’s five year warranty. The DuoWIN’s ignition elements are robust and also maintenance-free.


Good news for existing Windhager log burning customers is that you can upgrade anytime to DuoWIN if you have Windhager’s LogWIN Klassic log boiler because this is ‘pellet-ready’, meaning that the pellet boiler BioWIN 2 can be added at a later date. The LogWIN Klassic has a large filling chamber opening for easy access with logs, and has a detachable ash pan for easy removal.


Interestingly, the log boiler section also features automatic ignition in the DuoWIN meaning that no kindling is required to start the boiler burning. BioWIN 2, the incorporated wood pellet within DuoWIN, has very long maintenance intervals. Its robust stainless steel burner with LowDust technology burns so cleanly that the pellet boiler is well below the international emissions standards.


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