Mini-Greenhouses: The Key to Gardening with Limited Space

Mini-Greenhouses: The Key to Gardening with Limited Space

Unfortunately for most urban residents they find themselves hard-pressed to exercise their green thumbs in the city, due to the fact that the majority have less space to than their rural counterparts. The good news is that urban gardeners can now set up their own mini-greenhouses so they can nurture plants despite their space limitations.


Mini-greenhouses offer all the advantages of full-scale greenhouses. These can protect your plants come winter. Homeowners can even grow tropical plants, such as orchids, in their homes with the help of mini-greenhouses, because they will help regulate the heat and moisture that the plants need in order to grow. Also, they will protect the plants from external threats, such as pests, wind, and rain. For those urban dwellers who don’t have the time to allot to extensive hours in the garden can use these types of greenhouses as the ideal medium to start their cultivation.


Aside from the aforementioned perks, the mini-greenhouse’s compact nature allows you to place them just about anywhere where space will allow; from your backyard, to your patio or even on your balcony. This means that even those who live in a flat will be able to grow their own vegetables to help them maintain a healthier diet all year round, according to an article by Health Guidance.


Fledgling gardeners can also use mini-greenhouses to try out greenhouse gardening before investing in a full-scale unit. Similarly, using mini-greenhouses also minimises the amount of gardening time required to clean the unit as well as cultivate the crops inside. Thus, mini-greenhouses seem the perfect starting point for beginners to test the waters in terms of looking after plants for the first time and gain knowledge and practical skills as they go on.


There are many mini-greenhouses on the market currently which means there are all sorts of shapes and sizes ideal for urban houses and flats. Looking through the contemporary greenhouse models and the specifications on Screwfix it shows that some of the types are as small as 1m x 2m. Regardless of their small size, it’s also evident looking at the industry standard specs that most models come with toughened glass and have 12-year guarantees. So even if you live in a region with strong wind and inclement weather conditions, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that these units should be able to withstand even the most erratic weather.


However, if you live in an area that experiences the worst weather conditions, Sustainable Gardening recommends that the mini-greenhouse should be set up in an area that gets enough sunlight and is also protected from the elements just to be safe. It should also ideally be mounted against a wall instead of being a free-standing structure to prevent it from toppling over.


In summary, mini-greenhouses are a great idea for those who want to grow their own vegetables or plants but don’t have a lot of space to spare. Bear in mind, however, that similar to plants growing in a natural environment, too many greens in one area can lead to overcrowding, which can cause stunted growth in some plants because they were unable to get enough nutrients compared to others. Experiment to see what the right number is so they will all be able to grow properly. Failing that, look for useful resources online to guide you with educated lessons in the best practices.


Image credit: Pixabay

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