Kingspan Optim-R makes the grade in Glasgow

Kingspan Optim-R Makes the Grade in Glasgow

A Grade B listed primary school in Glasgow has three rooms refurbished to offer optimum thermal performance to achieve the most cost-effective solution with the slimmest build-up, with the help of the Kingspan OPTIM-R Flooring System.


Glasgow City Council has been working extensively to improve conditions in Glasgow schools as part of a long-term plan to bring them up to 21st Century standards. An alternative teaching area, named ‘The Shed’, at Pollokshields Primary School in Glasgow has been refurbished. Built in 1878, the enhancements offer pupils a new interactive games area, a quiet room, and a flexible space for activities such as performances and exhibitions. 85.29 m2 of the Kingspan OPTIM-R Flooring System was specified to help them achieve outstanding thermal performance.


David Russell, Project Architect at Glasgow City Council, discussed the specification: “The existing space was an external, uninsulated undercroft with a solid concrete floor. To remove the concrete floor and dig down would have been cost prohibitive, so we adopted to build up from the existing floor with the Kingspan OPTIM-R Flooring System as it is a shallow and cost-effective insulation solution that maintained maximum headroom.”


The system comprises vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) with a microporous core which are evacuated, encased and sealed in a thin, gas-tight envelope and have excellent thermal performance. This allowed the project to beat its target U-value of 0.20 W/m.2K by achieving a U-value of 0.18 W/m.2K with a 25 mm thickness.


A damp-proof membrane lined the concrete floor of the annexe and then the Kingspan OPTIM-R boards were laid above this as it is also a suitable substrate for a tongue and groove floor that results in minimal build up. To fill the awkward spaces around penetrations, brackets, reveals and where fixtures and fittings need to be installed, the Kingspan OPTIM-R flex strips were supplied in the same thickness as they can be cut with a fine-tooth saw to achieve close-butted joints and continuity of insulation.


David Russell, Project Architect at Glasgow City Council, added: “A notable benefit of the system was the speed and ease of installation achieved by the contractor. Moreover, as the area to be insulated had been site sized there was negligible waste and only the required material was delivered to site. This assisted the site manager as there was limited space for the storage of materials.”


In addition to the benefits of outstanding thermal performance in a slim build up, the Kingspan OPTIM-R Flooring System also helped to streamline the build programme. A panel layout drawing was supplied by Kingspan’s technical team, ready for the council’s approval. This ensured the system could be supplied in accurate sizes, reducing the time spent fitting the insulation.


20-40 mm thick Kingspan OPTIM-R panels are also certified under the demanding BDA Agrément® scheme. This independent certification is accepted by NHBC and the LABC and can help to fast-track projects through the procedures and approvals processes, further reducing project costs.



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