Kingspan Optim-R featured on flagship care complex

Kingspan Optim-R Insulation

The Kingspan OPTIM-R Balcony & Terrace System is helping to keep outdoor areas accessible and rooms below warm at a new sheltered housing development in Salford.


Construction of the first stage of Amblecote Gardens in Little Hulton was overseen by Bardsley Construction. The complex is owned by the City West Housing Trust and features 66 apartments designed to allow elderly and vulnerable people to live independent lives whilst still receiving care. In order to allow easy access to three outdoor roof balconies, DK-Architects specified the Kingspan OPTIM-R Balcony & Terrace System.


Michael Platt, Managing Director of roofing contractors Monoroof commented:
“Accessibility was obviously a major consideration for this project and by laying the Kingspan OPTIM-R Balcony & Terrace System we were able to achieve a compliant U-value of 0.19 W/m2.k on the balcony areas with a total insulation build-up of just 85 mm. This ensured there was an even transition between the internal and external spaces, meeting the requirements of the Lifetime Homes Standard as well as Approved Document M.”


The Kingspan OPTIM-R panel’s sealed microporous vacuum core allows them to achieve an aged thermal conductivity of just 0.007 W/m.K, up to five times better than other commonly available insulation products. Two layers of 30 mm thick Kingspan OPTIM-R was laid on the balcony along with Kingspan OPTIM-R flex infill strips of a matching thickness. Kingspan OPTIM-R flex infill strips can be cut to fit awkward spaces or to allow penetrations through the System. A further 25 mm layer of Kingspan Thermaroof TR27 LPC/FM was then overlaid by Monoroof to receive the single-ply waterproof membrane.


In addition to their outstanding thermal performance, all Kingspan OPTIM-R Systems are certified by LABC Registered Details. 20-40mm Kingspan OPTIM-R panels are also certified by BDA Agrément®, when installed to Kingspan Insulation’s recommendations. This can help to streamline Building Control processes, reducing construction time and costs.


Kingspan Insulation’s expert technical team provide detailed layouts for every project, helping to simplify installations and ensure the Kingspan OPTIM-R System thickness is kept to an absolute minimum.


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