Kingspan launches ocean plastic clean-up partnership

Kingspan launches ocean plastic clean-up partnership

Kingspan, the global leader in high performance insulation and envelope solutions for low-carbon buildings, has committed to recycling 500m plastic bottles each year by 2023 for use in its insulation with a further target of 1bn bottles each year by 2025. This recycling initiative is part of a broader Kingspan programme, together with the company’s 2020 Net Zero Energy manufacturing target, to produce its energy-saving products in a low-carbon and environmentally responsible way.


The initiative includes:

  • The aim to recycle 1bn plastic bottles annually by 2025
  • Recycled bottles will be used in production of Kingspan Insulation
  • Commitment increases current use of recycled plastic fourfold
  • Interim target of 500m bottles by 2023

Kingspan is already manufacturing insulation using recycled plastic but are now adding recovered ocean plastic to this manufacturing chain, made with raw materials from its plant near Barcelona, Spain. This plant already recycles 250m bottles each year and has set an ambitious target to quadruple this over six years.


To achieve this target, Kingspan has partnered with the EcoAlf Foundation and under a 3-year partnership, the company will proactively help to remove up to 150 tonnes of waste from the Mediterranean each year through the EcoAlf Foundation’s network of fishermen. Kingspan will reuse as much of the ocean plastic recovered as it can in its production.


Using recycled plastic bottles helps prevent them from ending up in landfill, or worse in the oceans. Currently only 9% of the plastic ever made in the world has been recycled, and according to the United Nations Environment Programme, more than 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean each year – equivalent to dumping a rubbish truck of plastic every minute.


Commenting on the initiative, Gene Murtagh, CEO of Kingspan Group said: “We take our sustainability commitments very seriously at Kingspan. Today’s announcement, part of the Planet Passionate commitment in Kingspan’s sustainability plan, forms part of a longer-term strategy we are developing around supporting the circular economy and increasing our use of recycled materials. With the construction industry contributing 30% of all the global waste that goes into landfill it is vital that we at Kingspan find responsible ways to reduce waste at all points in the supply chain.”


Javier Goyeneche, founder of the EcoAlf Foundation said: “We are excited to have formed this partnership with Kingspan, which will help us expand our initiative to clean the oceans. Kingspan is an ideal partner because they can help us close the loop by using large volumes of the materials we recover from the seas in their products. But even more importantly we want partners who share our values of wanting to make the planet a cleaner and more sustainable place and we look forward to working together with Kingspan in this spirit.”


A video on the initiative can be viewed here.


This recent announcement complements Kingspan’s previous sustainability initiatives, including its commitment to operate as a Net Zero Energy (NZE) business by 2020. Despite almost doubling its size since making the commitment in 2011, Kingspan is on track to reach this target, and was at 75% NZE in 2018.



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