Forest Certification schemes get top score

Forest Certification Schemes

The latest review by the Central Point of Expertise on Timber (CPET), on public sector timber procurement policy (TPP) Category A Evidence has been published. In 2014, both PEFC and FSC were put forward for the TPP Category A Evidence certified scheme review. After an independent technical panel reviewed the evidence, Defra approved the results in September 2015. For the schemes to meet the Category A criteria, it is mandatory to meet 100% of the legality criteria and at least 70% of the sustainability criteria.


Defra has announced that both schemes remain 100% compliant with the Category A legality criteria and both are over 90% compliant with the sustainability criteria. This result demonstrates the equivalence of both schemes in providing assurances of legal and sustainable timber sourcing.


Results of the Evaluation of Category A Evidence: Forest Certification Schemes: October 2015, showed that: “Both FSC and PEFC have achieved scores of 100% for legality criteria and over 90% for sustainability criteria and as such are recognised as continuing to deliver requirements for both legality and sustainability. These very high scores demonstrate the significant progress made in international forest certification since the first evaluation conducted in 2004. Both FSC and PEFC have made substantial improvements to their schemes since 2010, reflected in the scores awarded. Public sector procurers and suppliers of timber can continue to use FSC and PEFC certification as Category A evidence for demonstrating compliance with the UK government Timber Procurement Policy requirement to buy sustainable and legal timber.” To read the results in more detail visit:


Welcoming the positive assessment Alun Watkins, Executive Director, PEFC UK said: “The CPET review and Defra results demonstrate that PEFC is at the forefront of responsible sourcing and sustainable forestry. Both in the UK and internationally, PEFC works hard to keep up with the challenges and real life issues facing the broad range of stakeholders involved in the global forestry and wood-products supply chain. The global PEFC family is committed to continuous improvement to ensure our standards continue to reflect best practice in sustainable forest management.”


CPET has played a significant role in supporting the increased uptake of sustainable timber in the public sector and in support to government buyers and suppliers implementing the UK government TPP. The first assessment was conducted in 2004 and the most recent assessment in 2010. The 2015 update was undertaken to ensure FSC and PEFC continue to provide assurance of legality and sustainability, particularly in light of new criteria on the updated definitions of ‘legal’ and ‘sustainable’ sources.

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