Eco Building Venue – South East Wales

This fabulous new Eco-Building is used as a venue to host environmental seminars, workshops and demonstrations for local businesses.  Displays provide interpretation of the building itself and viewing panels have been incorporated into the building where possible.  The building is open to visitors and available for events. The Eco-Building is a Fair Trade Workplace and Fair Trade refreshments are available.  We can provide a wide variety of catering for every taste and budget. The Eco-Building was part of a trans-national project aimed at improving environmental management.





Constructed from timber and insulated using local straw bales, the building is designed to have minimal environmental impact and to demonstrate the use of sustainable materials and building techniques.  The Eco-Building is a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ building. The surrounding outside area has been landscaped providing a breakout area for visitors and provides the finishing touch to this building with a difference.  There is on site car parking and for those visitors cycling to the building there is a covered cycle rack.  The centre is fully accessible with a ramp as well as steps outside.

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