China bans plastic waste imports

China bans import of plastic waste

A Chinese ban on the import of plastic waste poses major challenges for the UK’s recycling industry, which ships more scrap to China and Hong Kong than any other destination. British companies have shipped more than 2.7m tonnes of plastic scrap to China and Hong Kong since 2012 – nearly

Hemp home wins LABC Building Excellence Award

Hemp house

The Hemp House project at Bassingham, Lincolnshire, has been awarded the title of Best Individual New House at the Grand Final of the LABC Building Excellence Awards. Architects Stephen George + Partners (SGP) worked closely with owners, Paul Rea and Nicola Jones, to create a comfortable 21st century home that

Electric cars seem greener but are we ready?

Electric vehicles

Following the recent government announcement of plans to prohibit all petrol and diesel vehicles by the year 2040, Britain's motorists are weighing up the idea of switching to the perceived ‘greener’ electric vehicles more than ever before.   New research from Money SuperMarket aims to determine just how viable this switch is.

Are skyscrapers scraping the barrel

Have we reached the height of silliness?   Building up is not new. In fact, the race for the tallest building in the world has been with us since humans built structures. The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, completed in 2560BC, originally stood at 481.4 feet (147 metres) establishing it as

How do green buildings impact your health?

How do green buildings Impact your health?

How do green buildings impact your thinking, sleep quality and health? You can soon find out for yourself. Researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and SUNY Upstate Medical University are recruiting 100 office buildings from around the world to be part of a new, first-of-its-kind study to