BREEAM version 6 now released

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Building upon BREEAM’s industry-leading standards for driving environmental performance and occupant health and wellbeing, Version 6 comes with a host of new and improved features with added emphasis on resilience to climate change, social value and circular economy principles. Not only that, Version 6 also brings the exciting launch of our brand-new technical manual for existing Residential assets.


The updated standard for measuring, improving and certifying operational and environmental performance of existing assets is now live. BREEAM In-Use Version 6 brings major improvements for Commercial buildings and a brand-new offering tailored for Residential.


Since its creation in 2009, BREEAM In-Use has already been used by thousands of assets in over 30 countries to benchmark, improve and certify their performance and to showcase high standards of ESG performance. With this update, BREEAM In-Use continues to encourage and support the improvement of all buildings, wherever they are in their sustainability journey. The BREEAM In-Use process continues to create, protect and grow asset value by acting to encourage investment in the asset’s performance, not just in obtaining a certificate.


In the latest version, clients and BREEAM Assessors will have access to what they need to start measuring Commercial and Residential assets using Version 6, from the BREEAM website, including:
Full technical manuals for both Commercial and Residential for the technical detail that gives confidence in the high standards being met:


  • A high-level overview of the technical standards in Version 6 for Commercial and Residential
  • A summary of the changes from the 2015 version for the Commercial manual
  • A summary of the external feedback received during public consultation including how it was addressed
  • Release of the updated online platform with its new user interface
  • Updated fees including V6’s 3-year certificate validity to provide maximum value


Commercial assets can now be registered and assessed through the new online platform. Online registration for Residential assets will come by late Summer, with offline Scoring and Reporting tools available in the interim. Contact the BREEAM In-Use team to request more information.
Webinar registrations are open.


The creators are proud to have been able to launch BREEAM In-Use V6 under the pandemic circumstances, but they were determined to do so. The global upheaval that we are all likely experiencing in some way, underlines that sustainability and a focus on ESG performance is now, more than ever, absolutely critical to safeguarding our collective future for generations to come.


Upgrade from 2015 to V6
For those working to BREEAM In-Use 2015, there will be a phased transition to make sure that assessors and clients have enough time before they have to upgrade. Registrations for 2015 assets will remain open for up to a year from today except for certified assets that are due to expire after a one-year window.



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