Bauwer Insulated renders and plasters

Bauwer Insulated renders and plasters

Following major success with the product range in Central Europe, Bauwer Group has introduced its cost efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly insulated render and plaster system to the UK. Thanks to volcanic glasses called Perlite and Vermiculite, it is the most cost-effective solution to insulate and level walls while improving the comfort and sound absorption properties of a building.


With its mineral basis, lime and cement, Bauwer render is very similar to the traditional renders and plasters, which makes it ideal for use in buildings improvement projects, internally as well as externally. It can readily be applied by any experienced plasterer using standard equipment.


The knowledge behind Bauwer’s insulating render and plaster is based on simple processes applied to naturally occurring minerals called Perlite and Vermiculite. Rapidly heating perlite ore to temperatures of about 900°C softens the volcanic glass causing entrapped water molecules in the rock to turn to steam and expand the particles like popcorn. The expanded particles are clusters of minute, lightweight, insulating, glass bubbles. Sophisticated manufacturing techniques allow the expansion and collection of individual perlite bubbles, which are used as fillers within Bauwer Insulation. These minute pores make Bauwer an excellent insulation material for use in a variety of different applications which are two to three times more cost efficient than traditional render due to the lightweight nature of Bauwer.


A further advantage of Bauwer insulation is that the wall remains permeable to water vapour. Bauwer Insulation is significantly more breathable than conventional plasters, and hence it is able to withstand fluctuations in internal and external humidity which helps prevent any damp or mould issues.


Perlite and vermiculite do not emit any odours and are resistant to chemical and biological environmental effects. Bauwer insulation contains no organics, is chemically inert, biologically stable, non-toxic, harmless and entirely safe. Perlite and vermiculite minerals are used in water filtration and horticulture industries as well, due to their lightweight structure and non-toxic, inert nature.


The first building in the UK plastered by Bauwer was in central London, Carlton Hill. The cost saving vs traditional plaster was about 40%.


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