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Low carbon energy system offers ‘near’ off-grid living

A concept home in north Yorkshire, claimed to be a new breed of energy efficient house features roof mounted solar panels and solar thermal panels

Project Dirt – put on your boots!

Project Dirt is a social networking platform connecting community projects with green and social benefits. It is a knowledge hub for learning, sharing, encouraging, supporting

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Flow Controls deliver SuDS for challenging development site

Flow Controls deliver SuDS for challenging development site

Engineers took a pragmatic approach to designing surface water drainage at Taylor Wimpey’s new Parc-y-Strade housing development on the outskirts of Llanelli, South Wales. Using Hydro-Brake® vortex flow control technology to engineer distributed surface water storage and attenuation across the low-lying, flat site, the


the EU energy renovation market could increase by almost half again

Energy transition of the EU building stock

A new repport has been launched which aims to support the on-going review/revision of EU climate and energy policy instruments. The objective is to contribute

Renewable energy will be the future in terms of sustaining the planet once fossil fuels run out.

A Greener Great Britain?

In the past month we have had a dramatic exit from Europe followed by a change of Prime Minister. This has had an impact on